Environmentally Friendly Silicone and Acrylic coatings designed for commercial roof maintenance and restoration

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Commercial Roof Repair

Fix leaks in your roof and increase your comfort

Commercial & Industrial Roofs

Effectively eliminate roof leaks & extend the life of metal, modified bitumen (asphalt-based), TPO, EPDM (rubber-based), Hypalon® & PVC roofs

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What Do Roof Coatings Cost?

The chosen roof coating should extending the life of your existing roof lasting at least 10 years.

How Much Do Roof Coatings Cost?

Reflective coatings typically cost $.75 cents to $1.50 per square foot for the higher quality materials at various coverage rates

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Roof Leaks qualified contractors repair more leaks than anyone, and we fix them right the first time. Our roofers are the most experienced Skilled Craftsmen in the roofing industry. We service all types of roofing; Roof leaks can be repaired to “better than new” condition using our full line of Acrylic and Silicone maintenance coatings or our Spray Polyurethane Foam complete roofing systems; both eliminate roof leaks, reduce energy costs and protect your investment from roof leaks.

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Roof Leaks Reflective Roof Coatings

An elastomeric roof coating provides the ultimate in reflectivity, color stability and weather resistance over new or existing roof surfaces. Although it is highly flexible, it exhibits a tough finish that resists abrasion, biological growth, dirt, oil and all types of weather extremes.

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Our Products

  • Meet requirements for California Title 24, Miami-Dade product approval.
  • Provide a seamless lightweight umbrella over new and existing roof substrates.
  • Reduces high energy costs
  • 100% Adhesion – Self-Flashing
  • High Reflectivity Coatings – CRRC/Energy Star Partners
  • Applies over most existing roofs
  • Extends Life-Cycle with preventative maintenance
  • And they are RENEWABLE
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